We provide our partners with following services:

  • All kinds of occupational medical check ups
  • Professional driver check ups according to law no. 277/2004 Sb
  • Medical opinion for operation of road/offroad vehicles according to law
  • Medical check ups for welders and crane operators/crane operator assistants
  • Night shift workers check up
  • Food industry workers check up
  • Medical opinion for health ability
  • Vaccination at client´s facility (ifluenza, encephalitis)
  • First Aid training for employees
  • We check out the first aid kits
  • We check the work environment including workplace conditions and its influence – including labor - onto the workers
  • We provide work environment counselling including problematics of noise, dust nuisance, chemicals, vibrations transmitted onto the arms, heavy load excercized upon the upper members with unilateral and lengthy body overburden and other occupational environment.
  • Medical check up of long-term ill or chronic ailment patiens
  • Counselling for impendent vocational diseases and vocational disease prevention

Prevention for Employees - Industrial Hygiene

  • periodical medical check ups for employees in all categories of occupational risks
  • extent of prevention check ups according to state regulations containing data value for both, employer and employee while observing preventive care from occupational illnesses and work injuries
  • pre-arranged medical check ups
  • the part of contractual relation is to provide medical care even in case of an acute illness of the patient
  • we are ready to listen to you and mutually meet your individual needs