Occupational medical care – industrial hygiene

We take care along with the employer of health prevention and safety of its employees. This means to prevent workers from occupational illnesses as well as from another kind of possible endangering of health and/or health injuries.

Every employer´s liability is to observe collection of law § 40 no. 20/1966 Sb. as stated.

In general, such a lability is to be carried out based upon the mandatory contractual relation with pertinent medical facility/medical doctor who shall provide aforementioned medical services.

Obligatory regulation is a code of Ministry of Foreign Affaires 145/1988 Sb. concerning the stipulation of Occupational medical care – industrial hygiene, citizen´s health care - law no. 20/1966 Sb., prevention of citizen´s health - law no. 258/2000 Sb. and labor code – law no. 262/2006 Sb.