A word about us

Non state owned medical facility was registered in 1997. It has helped clients – no matter its size and business aim- to solve their duties in the area of safety and health protection at work.

It has been accomodated to meet our client needs more than ten years. We have built the system of medical care because of the gain of interest thus ensuring utmost duality and effectivity of mentioned medical care. We do guarantee an operative attitude.

The goal is to provide high quality occupational medicine – that is the prevention care for a reasonable cost. Such a care has been aimed toward the city of Brno and its near vicinity.

Doctors do have a specialization concerning the occupational medicine (work hygiene and occupational illnesses) even in the field of practical medicine for adults. We do have considerable experience in the field of occupational illnesses and the problematics of working environment, but also in solving the questions related to duty of practical doctor for adults in relation with providing of care on the spot.

We support factory prevention care in Brno and its vicinity for more than 147 clients ranging from the company which employs 1800 employees down to small ones having 5 employees max. Our clients dispose of variety of working environment factors that is the noise, vibrations transmitted onto the arms, heavy load excercized upon the upper members with unilateral and lengthy body overburden, chemicals, dusty environment, alergens etc. We also do yield a care to organizations where there isn´t the workplace problematics so important (schools, offices, administration offices etc.)


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